The Water Task

Action 1

Start a Foodteam in my town. While living in Antwerp I used to buy studentbags with biological veggies and fruit from the Antwerp Foodteam. A Foodteam consists of families living in the same area who buy directly from local producers and farmers. That way, local trade, organic products and social cohesion are promoted.

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Now I moved in again with my parents, I realized that there is no local Foodteam in our town. In the past few days I started investigating what I need to do to start it up and how I can mobilize people (*) to join the team.

Step 1: ask questions to the regional representative (Mail to regional representative + Reply from regional representative)

Step 2: ask municipality if it is interested to collaborate or support the team (Mail to Essen)

Step 3: spread the idea amongst local associations. My mum is already willing to introduce it to the women association (KVLV) where she is active and wants to put me into touch with other associations.

Step 4: inform residents about the concept of a Foodteam and invite them for an info evening. Publish this in the municipal magazine and website, spread it through facebook, distribute flyers, ask associations to do the same.

Step 5: if enough families sign up, start the Foodteam and work out the practical organization.


Action 2

Updated my blog about South Africa. I set it up to share my experience (**) of living in Cape Town and travelling in Southern Africa with my friends at home. I think this can open the door to the world, create a better understanding amongst cultures and encourage people to do the same.


Action 3

Read books about alternative healing therapies like Body Talk and intuitive healing to get ready for action (**). Currently I am reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss. A grasp of her ideas:

On the list:

– John Veltheim (; The Body Talk System; Body Talk Access);

– Bruce Lipton (; The Biology of Belief; Spontaneous Evolution);

– Rupert Sheldrake (

I was raised with western medicine and until very recently I had no experience with alternative therapies. The first book already gave me a new perspective on spirituality. I have never felt very attracted to delve into religion and philosophy, but now I might have to adjust that belief and explore this new world (***) of knowledge.


Action 4

Next week Monday I have to present my thesis, the final assignment of my Master in Law. Today I have been looking up tips on PowerPoint presentations and speaking for an audience. Of course I have given presentations before, but I want to innovate in my attitudes (***). I want to find out how to fascinate an audience and transfer a message. And I challenge myself to apply it next week.

The past shows me that I have succeeded in turning dreams into reality (***). I believe that each of my dreams has the potential to become real, but I know it requires continuous effort and dedication.

4 thoughts on “The Water Task

  1. Laura!!! Tudo bem e com você?

    Vamos fazer um combinado? Eu te ensino Português and you teach me english! What do you acha??? Vamos aprender together!!

    I strongly agree with you about the Air Task!!!
    I was thinking how I should start and I decided to talk with a lot of Warriors Without Weapons! I want to know them! I want to know about their dreams and actions! I am loving the YES path!!! Because I am learning with the tasks and meeting great people as you!

    I liked the Txucarramãe in your blog! Do you know what is the meaning of YEBO in my blog??? YEBO means Yes in Zulu and it was the first word that I learned in South Africa when I was there!

    The butterfly idea and the essay are great as well!

    I visited your blog about South Africa ( ) and I liked sooo much!
    I love to take pictures and you have nice ones!! You saw a Leopard in a safari!!! You are a lucky girl! I would love to see it!

    I have a lot of questions for you!!! How long did you stay in Southern Africa? What did you do over there? hHow do you want to change the world? How about your dreams? And more, and more….

    So, I would love to be in the Warrion Without Weapons with you!!

    But before that, let’s help each other in the next tasks!!!
    And after that, let’s change the world together!

    Muito obrigado pela mensagem!
    Vamos nos falando pelo Facebook ou por e-mail

    Juntos nós iremos mudar o mundo!

    Um beijo,


  2. Namaste !

    Sou sua companheira, no caminho do SIM.

    Meu nome é Paolla Menchetti , moro em São Paulo –SP , Brasil .

    Sou estudante , em breve universitária no curso de Ciências Sociais , atriz , voluntária na ONG Viração , Mediadora do Conselho Virajovem SP , Integrante do programa Quarto Mundo , da TV USP , entre outras milhões de coisas J .

    Posso não te conhecer especificamente, mas essa coisa que pulsa em seu peito , buscando a transformação do mundo , também pulsa no meu , por isso já conheço mais do que imagina sobre você , pois o mundo esta vibrando com a mesma energia para nós.

    Desta forma , te convido a descobrir quem sou , e se achar que juntos podemos fazer mais no Guerreiros sem Armas 2014 e no Mundo , me indique para .

    Meu Blog :

    Meu Facebook :

    Minha página do Guerreiros , no facebook :

    Abraços e Beijos motivadores , para transformação !

  3. Hello!
    My name is Melissa Muñoz, I’m 18 years old, I’m from Medellín Colombia and just like you I decided to be in the yes path.
    My life is full of blessings and joy, now I feel the best way to be thankful about it is giving happiness to other people; by acts that might appear simple but it’s repercussions can be life changing to them. I believe that our individual actions and decisions are lies the power of changing the world; starting by our own reality and environment.
    My beliefs took me to do something about it and that changed me, it gave a mission to my life and made me a happy person. I started by teaching in schools for kids that had a low budget and in little towns outside of my city. I volunteered for local ONGs as a way to do my part. Now I’m working on a project to join communities and help them to make their dreams come true ; in a neighborhood named Pacífico, where the joy I see in the kids espression has become in the rewarding experience.
    As a part of my life project I dream of being part of warriors without weapons, to have more tools and get more experience for helping whoever needs it and give them a hand with concrete actions that take them to be what they want to be.
    I would love to met you and to know what is your dream in www. If you think we should walk this path together please send a recommendation to
    My blog:
    My facebook address:
    Hugs! Thanks!

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